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Adventure Ireland

As a follow up to the "Adventure Germany" Florian Wagner and his team have set themselves a new goal: To explore the wild, impressive and enchanting landscape along the western coast of Ireland in a 1300-kilometer long journey – and to get to know the country and people from a very special perspective. The photographs in the book published by Knesebeck document this adventure-filled voyage that lead them away from the main streets to the rugged coastlines and the endless mountain landscapes of the island. Post production and prepress was handled by Marcus Christopher Ludl from Deltagram.

Photography: Florian Wagner
Layout and Typesetting: Fabian Amet und Leonore Höfer / Knesebeck Verlag
Post Production and Prepress: Marcus Christopher Ludl / Deltagram
Publisher: Knesebeck GmbH & Co. KG
Production and Printing: Lösch GmbH & Co. KG
Printing: Himmer Druck