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Advertising Motif for Californian Online Whiskey-Store
Products, CGI
Marc Beaussart Shoots Low Key Fashion Stills
CG-Animation in Lego Look for Vienna Indie Label
Photographer Florian Wagner Leads Horseback Trip Along the Western Coast of Ireland
Florian Wagner shoots a Portrait Series for the Bach Choir Munich
Munich Photographer Christian Brecheis shoots a portrait of Patrick Heji
Portrait, Celebrities
Ramon Haindl Shoots the Lifestyle Editorial "Town & Country"
Architecture, Transportation
Lifestyle Editorial for Photographer Christian Brecheis
Ashley Young Shoots a Fashion Editorial in a Post-Apocalyptic Future
Beauty, Fashion
3D Visualization for Metal Spraying Company
Transportation, CGI
Photo Shooting for Metal Spraying Company in Vienna
Rodney Charles & Yasmin Rams in the Fashion Editorial "I Married Adventure"

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As the days are getting shorter, we wish all customers, partners, friends and coworkers very merry holidays and a wonderful and successful new year…
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